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Liverpool On-site Airport Parking

About Liverpool Airport On-site Parking

If you are travelling through Liverpool Airport for a much-needed vacation, you will probably be looking at Liverpool on-site airport parking possibilities. The benefit of parking on site is that you will never be that far away from the terminal and you can rest easy in your hotel knowing that your vehicle is parked securely in a car park operated and secured by Liverpool's airport parking staff.

What On-Site Parking Options Does Liverpool Airport Provide?

Liverpool Airport provides a number of on-site parking options including long-stay, multi-storey parking, Fast Track parking and a short stay, perfect for drop-offs and pickups. Each of these options come with different perks, incentives and are available at various prices.

How Far Away Are Each Of The Parking Facilities?

The long stay car park is the furthest away from the terminal. This is due to the fact that there are no buses or shuttles and it takes at least a five minute walk from your car. Choosing fast track parking will allow you to park in the same area as the long stay car park. However, you will be right next to the terminal with only a one minute walk.

The multi-storey car park is opposite the terminal and a short one minute stroll from departures.

What Security Features Do The Car Parks Have?

All the Liverpool airport on-site parking facilities have the same security features. The car park is completely secure with regular patrols, CCTV and an automated gate that is able to read your licence plate. The car parks are fenced off with the exception of multi-storey parking that offers complete indoors protection.

How Much Does On-Site Parking Cost At Liverpool Airport?

The long stay car park is £35 for one day and up to £100 for nine days. £10 will be charged for every day after this that your car is left there. It is worth noting that these are gate prices. You can get great savings by booking in advance.

You’ll typically find that the multi-storey is about £10-20 more expensive than the long stay car park.

Of all the Liverpool on-site airport parking options, the fast track car park is one of the most expensive, costing more than £60. You can not book this parking at the gate. Instead, you have to book it in advance.

Are There Any Advantage To The Different Parking Options?

Fast Track Parking may be more expensive but it doesn’t just put you closer to the terminal. You can also get fast passes through security and a larger parking space.

The advantages of the multi-storey are that your car won’t be left outside exposed to the elements and you will have a shorter distance to walk to the terminal.

Is There A Car Park For A Short Stay?

There is short stay parking available. This will cost between £5 for forty minutes and £40 for 24 hours. It’s a one minute walk, completely protected from the elements and has full CCTV security. However, staying for longer than a quick drop off or pick up does result in a hefty bill.

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