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Liverpool Meet & Greet Airport Parking

About Liverpool Meet and Greet

Liverpool Meet and Greet Airport Parking is a hassle-free option, perfect for people travelling with children, the elderly or those who want to avoid the stress of finding a parking space right before they have to get on a plane. With meet and greet at Liverpool airport parking, the process is simple. You can drive your own car straight up to the airport terminal. At this point, a valet will be waiting to meet you. They’ll take your car to the nearby parking facility while you can go directly to the check-in desk. When you return from your flight, you’ll find that the valet is waiting for you, ready to take you to your car.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Liverpool Meet & Greet?

There are a few advantages to using a valet service when travelling to an airport. One of the biggest is that you still get to drive your car and you won’t have to walk to the terminal. As well as this, you can get a lift to your car when you return rather than walking to the car park.

Does Liverpool Airport Have Meet And Greet Parking?

Unfortunately, Liverpool Meet and Greet Airport Parking cannot be arranged with the airport directly. The closest possibility would be Liverpool Airport Fast Track Parking.

Fast Track Parking puts you within a one minute walk from the terminal building, offering larger spaces and full security. You also gain fast-track security passes, so it’s certainly a compelling option. Although, you will still have to park your car. It is also more expensive than regular parking, but the car park is right opposite the terminal.

What Companies Provide Liverpool Meet And Greet Airport Parking?

There are two companies that provide Liverpool Meet And Greet Airport Parking. These are:

  • Skypark
  • I Love Meet And Greet
  • Which Is The Best Option?

    Skypark provides indoor parking where you will be met at the terminal by a valet. They will take your keys and drive your car to a parking site that is just two minutes away. To do this, you just need to call the company fifteen minutes before your arrival at which point you will be met by a fully insured chauffeur. The actual parking is no more than two minutes away.

    I Love Meet And Greet offers a similar service with the same place used for dropping off your car and being picked up when you return from your trip. However, they do have the slight edge as they will make sure your car is waiting once you return from your trip.

    How Much Will This Service Cost?

    One of the disadvantages of this is that prices will differ depending on when you travel. On average, you could be looking at a cost of £55 for this service.

    Will My Car Be Secure?

    Both Skypark and I Love Meet And Greet have excellent security standards. Your car will be parked in their car parks for the total duration of your trip. These car parks have CCTV cameras, well lit areas and are regularly patrolled. As well as this, both are completely fenced off.

    Why Should I Use This Service?

    If you hate the stress of trying to find a parking space when you get to the airport and love the idea of being taken directly to your car when you arrive home, this could be a great option for you. It’s particularly useful if you don’t want to walk with children to the car, particularly after a long flight.

    However, if you don’t mind a short walk and a quick park the alternate Fast Track Parking that Liverpool Airport does provide might be the better option.

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