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Liverpool Airport Long-Stay Parking

About Long-Stay Parking at Liverpool Airport

If you are going on holiday for more than a few days and perhaps booking a fortnight away, the Liverpool Airport long-stay parking could be a great option. With a long stay car park, you can pay to park your car at the airport for as long as you are away, whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip. When you park in Liverpool Airport, your car will be kept secure, and you will be within easy reach of the airport itself.

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

The greatest benefit of using a long stay car park is that you won’t have to arrange separate transportation to the airport for your holiday or business trip. This means that you can avoid the expense of a taxi and the hassle of public transport. Instead, you can drive your car directly to the airport, unpack your luggage and head straight to the terminal.

How Far Away From The Airport Is The Long-Stay Car Park?

Liverpool Airport long-stay parking is within a 4-5 minute walking distance of the terminal, and you will be able to find your way easily to the building. There is no available bus or shuttle transport from the car park to the terminal.

What Are The Security Features?

Travellers worried about security will be able to sleep easy in their hotel once they have parked in the Liverpool Airport long-stay car park. The car park has 24/7 surveillances with CCTV cameras around the entire property. As well as this, your car will be behind secure fencing where security officers patrol the area on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the long-stay car park does not offer cover to protect your vehicle from the elements. However, if you are interested in this possibility, you can choose to park in the Liverpool Airport multi-storey car park instead. This might be a better option if you are worried about the elements, but it is more expensive.

How Much Does It Cost?

Booking in advance can save you up to seventy percent on the cost of the Liverpool Airport long-stay parking. If you do not book in advance, the prices are as follows:

One Day – £35
Two Days – £60
Three days – £70

Nine days will cost you a total £100 and every day after that will cost you £10 extra. This is the cheapest long stay parking option available at Liverpool Airport.

Where Is The Liverpool Airport Long Stay Car Park?

To reach the airport, you need to use the postcode L24 1YD. Although, if you are staying in the Long Stay Car Park, you do need to follow the signs. You can find it by turning left at the roundabout before the terminal and staying in the left-hand lane, continuing to follow the signage.

How Does Long-Stay Parking Work at Liverpool Airport?

Once you reach the car park, you will discover the gate is automated with licence plate reading technology, so it’s easy to get in and out.

Be aware that since it is such a short walking distance, there is no shuttle service to the terminal building. Overall, due to the price and the location, this is the best option if you’re planning on taking a long trip and need a place to leave your car until you return to Liverpool Airport.

Is There A Cheaper Option?

There are plenty of other long stay car parks offsite, close by to the airport. These include:

Imagine Outdoor
Cheap Parking

The cheapest of these is Imagine Outdoor. It’s within walking distance to the airport. It has the same security as the long stay parking on-site and there’s a bus to the terminal as well. But It will cost you at least £10 less than the official Liverpool Airport long stay car park.

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