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Glasgow Prestwick Airport Parking

About Glasgow Preswick Airport:

Opened as an airfield in the 1920s by the Duke of Hamilton, it later became Scotland's first international airport in the 1940s. This airport is located in Preswick just a 40 minute drive from Glasgow. During it's days as an airfield, the pilots were the first to ever fly over Mount Everest. As you can see, this little airport is steeped in rich history.

However, after being bought by the Scottish Government in 2013, it now employs over half of the Scottish aerospace workforce. It also serves 2.5 million passengers yearly, with over 92% of the passengers driving from nearby Glasgow and Preswick. This shows that they have a dedicated car park to serve these millions of passengers.

What Facilities Does Glasgow Preswick Airport Parking Offer?

With such a high demand for parking since many of the passengers drive to the airport, it has 4 car parks available with an additional “pick up and drop off” service too. This service is useful for any friends or family of the passengers who just want to give a lift. Glasgow preswick airport parking offers both short and long stay. Each car park is a few minutes walk from the terminals.

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Customer Reviews for Glasgow Preswick Airport Parking:

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Getting To The Airport

The dedicated car parks at Glasgow preswick are all within 5 minutes walk or less. So to find your car park, you just need to go to the address of the airport at:
107 Glasgow Preswick International Airport,

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