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Shannon Airport Parking

About Shannon Airport:

Shannon Airport (SNN) is one of Ireland's top airports. Founded in 1945, it has a long history of serving countless passengers for decades. Especially thanks to it's unique location, it is the most western point airport in Europe. This is ideal for anyone on a connecting flight from the old world going to the new world. Although a smaller airport, it has grown rapidly after hiring 2000 employees and constructing a new terminal building in 2000. In 2015 it handled 1.7 million passengers which shows it can handle a large demand! It is located 15 miles from Limerick city and same for Ennis city. Making Shannon airport parking ideal for people in both cities.

What Parking Facilities Does The Airport Offer?

Shannon airport parking offers a good range of choices from: long term parking, short term parking and their unique service ‘Park4Less’. You can easily find cheap parking at Shannon airport from as little as €3, and it is free for the first 15 minutes. Long term is only 2 minutes from the terminal and Park4Less is also a short distance. So car parking in Shannon airport is very convenient! All the car parks are cheaper if you pre-book online so this is highly advised.

Why Pick Airport Parking Hunter for Cheap Parking at Shannon Airport?

Unlike other website, we do not own any cars or car parks. We are a price comparison website that will help you get cheap parking at Shannon airport. All you need to do is use our search system above and you will get the best deals for Shannon airport parking. We are cheaper than if you went to other car parking providers directly as we only show you best value for money.

Getting To The Airport

To get to the airport from Limewrick take the N18 north and you can find available parking spaces at:
Co. Clare,

More Information

For more details about car parking in Shannon airport, click here to see our frequently asked questions. Looking for another Irish Airport? Check out Dublin Airport here!