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Liverpool Park And Ride

About Liverpool Airport's Park and Ride

Liverpool airport parking has many facilities available to choose from, including park and ride. Liverpool Park and Ride services may be available at both off-site and on-site parking facilities typically depending and how far away the car park actually is.

Are There Any Benefits To Liverpool Park And Ride?

Since you can use this option to get both to and from the airport and the car park, it makes things a lot easier and adds far less hassle to your journey. It’s particularly useful if you are travelling with children. We know how difficult it can be to walk even a short distance with your kids to the terminal. That’s why we’ve looked into the best options for Liverpool Airport Park and Ride.

Does Liverpool Airport Offer Park And Ride?

At Liverpool Airport none of the car parks on-site run by the airport provide park and ride options. This is because the furthest away is only a five-minute walk.

What Options Are There For Park And Ride At Liverpool Airport?

If you do want to park and get a ride to the terminal, you can choose from:

  • SkyPark Ltd
  • Imagine Outdoor
  • APL Parking
  • How Close Are The Park And Ride Facilities To The Airport?

    The closest park and ride facility to the airport is SkyPark Ltd. At just 300 yards, it is within throwing distance of the terminal. Imagine Outdoor and APL are slightly further away but still only take a couple of minutes to reach the terminal.

    What Parking Company Offers The Lowest Prices For Liverpool Park And Ride?

    Imagine Outdoor is the cheapest Liverpool Airport Park and Ride option of the three and again while transfers aren’t necessarily needed, they are available. Comparatively the prices change within a margin of between £5-£10 for a seven day period. As such, you should consider other factors when choosing a park and ride service.

    Do The Park And Ride Companies Offer Different Levels Of Security?

    Regardless of what company you choose, your car will be protected in the same way. All the car parks have CCTV and are regularly patrolled by members of staff. They are all also completely fenced off. The only difference is that SkyPark has an indoor option if you want to pay extra to ensure that your car remains inside.

    Which Park And Ride Option Provides The Best Customer Service?

    Out of all the Liverpool Park and Ride options, APL is the one that could be considered the best for customer service. If you have issues with mobility, they will drive you straight to the terminal in your own car once you arrive. Or, if you have no issues with mobility you can hop on a bus that is included in the price.

    Are There Any Additional Costs That I Should Consider?

    It is important to add £6 to whichever parking facility you use for park and ride as they all require you to enter and leave the drop off area of the airport.

    Imagine Outdoor also charges customers £3 for the use of their shuttle service.

    If you hate the idea of walking to the Airport, try one of these car parks. They’ll certainly give you one less thing to worry about if you arrive a little late for your flight check-in.

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