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Edinburgh Airport Parking

About Edinburgh Airport

Initially an RAF Turnhouse and a First World War aerodrome, Edinburgh airport started with passenger flights in 1947. The first European shuttle service linking Edinburgh with London started at the airport. The original building was situated very close to the East Coast mainline railway station, and aircraft at the time were shipped into crates via train and then assembled onsite.

Edinburgh is Scotland’s main airport and one of the fastest growing in the UK - even though it only has one runway. The airport carries almost eight and a half million passengers each year and provides over two and a half thousand jobs. With over 50 airlines flying out of Edinburgh Airport to over 85 destinations, Edinburgh is becoming an airport to be reckoned with.

Where Is Edinburgh Airport Located?

Located south of the city centre, Edinburgh airport parking is worth a staggering £20 million, built in 2004 – providing a further 2000 parking spaces for staff and passengers. With great transport links for either bus, car or train, Edinburgh airport can accommodate for anyone to reach their holiday destination.

Can APH Help Me Save Money On Edinburgh Airport Parking?

Yes you can. Why pay over the odds for parking at Edinburgh airport when huge discounts are to be had with minimum fuss and effort? Booking your Edinburgh airport car parking in advance of your trip can get you a significant discount off most car park’s gate-rate charges. Pre-booking online with us will help you save up to 60% – provided you book far enough in advance of your travel date.

Not only does pre-booking save you money, but you will also benefit from having a space reserved and waiting for you when you arrive. This can give you peace of mind, meaning you’ll never have to waste time hunting for parking at Edinburgh airport.

Is Edinburgh Airport Car Parking Secure?

The parking at Edinburgh аirроrt prides itѕеlf оn high-tесh ѕесuritу – thеrе’ѕ аn еlесtrifiеd fence around thе perimeter, уоu nееd a keycode tо еxit, and оn tор оf this, staff regulatory patrol the facility with guard dogs. Buses run to the terminal every 10-15 minutes 24/7 and take just 10 minutes to reach the airport’s coach park – leaving a simple 5 minute walk to check-in.