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Bristol Airport Long-Stay Parking

About Bristol Long-Stay Airport Parking

Bristol Airport is located in Lulsgate Bottom, North Somerset. It’s a busy UK airport that serves domestic flights across the country and international flights across the world. Bristol airport long-stay parking is the best option if you're going to be away for more than a day.

Who Is Bristol Airport Long-Stay Parking For?

Long-stay parking is designed for anyone that requires more than a couple of days use of Bristol airport’s parking services. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, it’s designed to cater to anyone’s needs.

How Does It Work?

You can either book in advance or show up and pay on the spot. There are two options for long-stay parking at Bristol Airport. Firstly, the Silver Zone Car Park is further away from the terminal but offers the cheapest price. The dedicated Long Stay Car Park is more expensive and closer to the terminals.

Is Long-Stay Parking Secure?

Security is an important factor with long-stay parking because you don’t want to be worrying about the state of your car or the possibility of it being stolen while you’re away. Thankfully, Bristol airport long-stay parking has been awarded a Park Mark award for safer parking. This is because they’re dedicated to the safety of your vehicle and monitor the car park 24 hours a day. The exit is also manned for 24 hours and it comes with automatic number plate recognition and many CCTV cameras to keep track of everything.

How Much Does Long-Stay Parking at Bristol Airport Cost?

One of the most important factors when booking long-stay parking is the price. Thankfully, Bristol airport long-stay parking starts at just £3.73 per day if you book a long duration in advance at the Silver Zone Car Park which is very affordable. However, if you only plan to spend a few days at the Silver Zone Car Park then you can expect to pay around £22.99 for a single day, but it will be drastically lowered for consecutive days. There is also the option of staying at the dedicated long-stay car park which is slightly more expensive, but it’s closer to the terminal so you don’t have to walk as far.

How Do I Pay For Long-Stay Parking At Bristol Airport?

You can turn up and pay at the airport or you can book in advance online. It’s generally cheaper to book online than turn up on the day and pay.

What Are the Advantages of Long-Stay Parking at Bristol Airport?

Bristol airport is one of the most secure airports for long-stay parking due to all of its security features. There are also special assistance parking options if you’re travelling with someone that has a disability or if you yourself need some help. You can also catch a 24-hour courtesy bus if you’ve decided to park at the Silver Zone Car Park which is located much further away than the dedicated car park.

Where is the Long-Stay Parking?

The dedicated long-stay parking zone is to the North of the airport terminal located on North Side Rd and is a few minutes away from the terminal. The Silver Zone Car Park is located a few minutes south on the A38.


So to conclude, long-stay parking is fantastic if you’re planning to keep your car parked for a long time. It’s secure, inexpensive and there are lots of extras to make the experience a lot more enjoyable and stress-free.

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