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Liverpool Airport Business Parking

About Liverpool Airport Parking

Liverpool Airport was officially renamed when the new terminal opened in 2002. The airport was named for one of Liverpool’s most famous sons; Beatles legend John Lennon. This change made Lennon the first British celebrity to have an airport named after him. Liverpool Airport is not the largest airport in the country, but for business professionals living in the north west, it’s an essential hub. One of the major issues when flying from Liverpool for business is how to park your car for the duration of your trip. Let’s delve further into this and explore Liverpool airport business parking.

Is business parking available at Liverpool Airport?

Few companies offer specific services for Liverpool airport business parking. Your best option is likely to be to use the commercial car parking options for your business trip, ensuring you a calm process without the hassle of wondering where to park. There are a number of car parking options available at Liverpool Airport that are more than suitable for business use.

How Does Business Parking Work at Liverpool Airport?

Business trips tend to be short by nature, so your best option is to look for “short stay” car parking. A number of different firms operate in and around the airport, so you shouldn’t be short of options. You will be able to choose from parking on-site or off-site, which allows you to park your car, keep your keys, and then use a shuttle to the airport terminal. The length of journey from the car park to the terminal depends on which provider you choose.

Which terminals of business parking options at Liverpool Airport?

The airport only has one terminal, so you can be confident of finding suitable Liverpool Airport business parking solutions that meet your needs.

Where are the business car parks located at Liverpool Airport?

As mentioned, there are no specific “business-only” car parks at Liverpool; instead, choose a commercial car park that offers a reasonable length of journey between the car park and the terminal.

The exact location of the car park depends on the company you use. Some are close to the terminal — within a 10 minute shuttle ride — while others may be further afield. Choose an option that suits you.

How much does business car parking cost at Liverpool Airport?

You should expect to pay around £25 for a single 24-hour period of parking, though prices vary depending on season and how close you book prior to your departure. For longer stays over seven days, you will need to use a “long stay” car park, so expect to pay anything from £35 upward.

If you wish to use business-friendly services such as Meet and Greet, where your car is parked for you, then expect prices to rise to around £35 per day.

Is business car parking safe at Liverpool Airport?

Yes. You can be entirely confident that your vehicle will be safe in your chosen car park for the duration of your business trip; we only display car park results from companies we believe to offer a five-star service to their customers.

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