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Liverpool Off-site Airport Parking

About Liverpool Off-site Parking

If you’re looking for a cheaper place to park when travelling to Liverpool Airport, you might want to consider Liverpool off-site airport parking. This could be a good choice if you are planning to leave the car at the airport for a long period and you are keen to stick to a budget. You might find that the off-site parking options are cheaper than the places that you can park on the airport site itself.

What Are The Advantages Of Off-Site parking?

One of the advantages of parking off-site is that you don’t need to worry about expensive rates and in some cases, you will still be within walking distance of the terminal. Though typically, you will need to use the transport provided.

Is Off-Site Parking Available At Liverpool Airport?

Liverpool off-site airport parking is not available from the airport directly. However, they do have both long stay and short stay parking facilities available on site. The prices of these services vary but seven days in the long day car park will cost close to £40.

What Companies Provide Off-Site Parking?

There are several other parking facilities offsite that may offer cheaper options. These include:

  • Cheap Parking
  • Imagine Outdoor
  • Skypark Liverpool Outdoor
  • What Is The Cheapest Option?

    Imagine outdoor provides the cheapest option of the three. You can get off-site parking for seven days for just £32. The most expensive option is Cheap Parking at roughly £37.

    Which Parking Facility Is Closest?

    Imagine Outdoor is the closest due to the available bus service. It will take you just ninety seconds to get from the car park to the terminal. While Cheap Parking is also close, since there is no bus service it will take you at least six minutes.

    Which Car Park Has The Best Security?

    All the car parks have the same level of security. Each uses an automated licence plate scanner at the gate, each is regularly patrolled and all three have fencing as well as CCTV. Regardless of which car park you choose, your vehicle will be secure.

    Which Car Park Offers The Best Deal?

    If you are looking for Liverpool off-site airport parking, you may want to consider Imagine Outdoor. As well as offering the best price, it provides the standard level of security and it will provide the shortest travel time from the car park to the terminal. The car park is suitable for all terminals at the airport as the bus service does stop at each one.

    Where Is Imagine Outdoor?

    To reach the car park, you just need to follow the directions to the airport until you approach the airport roundabout. At this point, travel right around the roundabout, going full circle. About 200 metres up the road, you’ll find the car park, next to the EasyJet car rental.

    Are There Any Available Extras?

    A significant benefit of using Imagine Outdoor is that once you get there you can hand them your keys and they will park your car for you. You can hop straight on the bus to the departure area of the terminal. The car park also provides a meet and greet valet service, allowing you to drive straight to the terminal instead and hand your car over at the drop off point.

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