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Heathrow On-site Airport Parking

About Heathrow Airport On-site Parking

Heathrow is the largest airport in Europe. Every day, 1,400 flights from Heathrow depart, which averages at around one every 45 seconds. If you are travelling through Heathrow Airport soon, then you will likely find yourself considering your car parking options. At an airport the size of Heathrow, there are plenty of options to consider. Perhaps the most well-known option available is Heathrow on-site airport parking; read on to find out more about what this is, and how it may benefit you.

Is on-site car parking available at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. Heathrow itself offers on-site parking, and there are a few smaller companies that provide similar services.

How does on-site car parking work at Heathrow Airport?

On-site car parking is defined as a car park that is within the grounds of the airport. It is worth remembering that Heathrow actually covers a surprisingly large amount of space, so there’s plenty of room for a range of on-site car parks.

Most on-site car parks are split into “short stay” and “long stay” choices, though they function in much the same way. When you pre-book your parking, you arrive at your designated car park and (usually, though not always) collect a ticket as you enter. Some car parks use vehicle number-plate recognition, but not all. When you have parked, you use a bus shuttle to take you to the terminal.

One of the major advantages of Heathrow on-site airport parking is that the terminals are usually very close to the car park– journeys will take less than 10 minutes, with some car parks offering transfers of less than five minutes. The shuttles themselves run frequently, 24 hours per day. In the case of Terminal 5, pod parking options are available instead of busses.

Which terminals offer on-site parking options at Heathrow Airport?

All terminals currently in use offer on-site parking options. Terminal 1 is no longer in use and is awaiting demolition.

Where are the on-site car parks located at Heathrow Airport?

As close to the terminal as possible, usually within less than ten minutes of the terminals themselves. One of the major benefits of Heathrow on-site airport parking is the speed at which you can move from the car park to the terminals, allowing for highly efficient transfers.

How much does on-site car parking cost at Heathrow Airport?

On-site parking tends to be more expensive than off-site options due to the enhanced convenience, though the price difference is not as great as you may expect. On site can sometimes be cheaper than off-site, depending on the dates you are travelling, so it’s always worth checking both options. You should expect to pay around £20 per day in short stay car parks, and around £80 per week for stays over seven days.

However, these prices do fluctuate, so buy as far in advance as possible to get the best deals.

Is on-site car parking safe at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. All the on-site car parking at Heathrow is monitored closely to ensure maximum safety for passengers and their vehicles, so you shouldn’t experience any problems. We only provide details of companies we consider to be reliable and trustworthy.

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