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Heathrow Off-Site Airport Parking

About Heathrow Airport Off-Site Parking

Heathrow is the largest airport in Europe, with a history dating back to the 1930s. It was initially called Harmondsworth Aerodrome, and played a vital role in the Second World War. Any seasoned traveller knows that airport car parking tends to be expensive, often adding a substantial percentage to the overall cost of your trip. Car parking at Heathrow, the largest and busiest airport in the UK, is no different. In fact, due to the higher demand and central London location, Heathrow car parking can be very expensive indeed. One of the best ways to reduce your airport car parking costs is to opt for an off-site car park. Read on for a thorough view of how off-site car parks work, so you can decide if such a choice would be suitable for you…

Is Off-Site Car Parking Available at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. Heathrow is serviced by a number of car parking firms, all of whom are well practicing in meeting the parking needs of Heathrow’s millions of travellers. These firms operate independently from the airport itself, but are nevertheless able to offer seamless Heathrow Airport off-site parking to travellers such as yourself.

How Does Heathrow Airport Off-Site Parking Work?

Heathrow off-site airport parking works in much the same way as on-site parking. You drive to your chosen car park, park your car, then catch a provided bus or shuttle to the terminal for your departure.

The difference with off-site parking is that the car park will usually be further from the terminal itself. The actual distance very much depends on the company you choose; some are very close to the terminals, others as far as half an hour away. As a general rule, the closer the car park, the more expensive it is to use.

Which Terminals Offer Off-Site Parking Options at Heathrow Airport?

All of the terminals in use (two, three, four, and five) are serviced by a variety of off-site parking companies, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a car park to suit your needs.

Where are the off-site car parks located at Heathrow Airport?

Some companies offer off-site car parks that are relatively close to the major terminals; a 10-minute journey aboard a provided shuttle is not uncommon.

If you don’t mind a little more inconvenience, you can opt for a company that offers off-site car parking further from the terminal. Most of these car parks still offer a free relay bus shuttle service, but the journey will be longer.

We include companies who offer both close and more distant options in our search results, so you can choose which suits you best.

How Much Does Heathrow Off-Site Airport Parking Cost?

Off-site car parks will usually be less expensive than on-site options. They may also be available with Meet and Greet valet services, though you will need to check with each specific company to see if this is provided.

Prices vary between companies, but expect to pay around £30 for a 24-hour stay in an off-site car park, or £80 per week. It’s worth remembering that prices are generally cheaper if you pre-book as far in advance as possible.

Is Heathrow Off-Site Airport Parking Safe?

Yes. The companies that run these car parks are experienced and reliable; we only include options from reliable companies in our search results.

To book your Heathrow Off-Site Airport Parking, use the search bar at the top of the page.