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Heathrow Airport Business Parking

About Heathrow Business Airport Parking

Heathrow is the largest airport in the UK and is serviced by five different terminals. There are plans for a third runway to be built at Heathrow in the near future, further increasing its capacity and likely allowing it to become the busiest airport in the world. Thanks to its central location and direct connections to the city of London, Heathrow airport parking provides an abundance of options for business travellers. Below is a guide to the Heathrow airport business parking options available for business customers who wish to park their car during their time away.

Is Business Parking Available at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. Heathrow is a business-focused airport, so it comes as no surprise that they have plenty of options that are suitable for business customers. There are a range of different companies who offer business parking at Heathrow via off-site options, as well as an official service provided by the airport itself.

How Does Heathrow Airport Business Parking Work?

If you choose to book with the official service, the parking offered works very simply. You park your car at one of the on-site car parks, then take the free shuttles directly to the terminal. The shuttles are frequent; you shouldn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for the next one to arrive.

For external companies, Heathrow airport business parking works in much the same way, though the car park may be further from the terminal. Most companies will provide buses or shuttles to ensure you can arrive at the terminal in time for your flight.

Which Terminals Are Served by Business Parking at Heathrow Airport?

The official Heathrow airport business parking is available for terminals two, three, and five.

If you are departing from another terminal, then your best bet is to look for external, trustworthy companies who can provide business parking to meet your needs. We carry information for a range of reputable companies who should offer business services to any of Heathrow’s five main terminals.

Where Are The Business Car Parks Located at Heathrow Airport?

This depends between companies, and you can choose from what suits your budget. As a general rule, an on-site car park is likely to be more expensive than an off-site option. On-site car parks are more convenient, as you will have a shorter ride to the terminal, but they do not offer any particular benefits apart from this convenience.

Provided you use a car park company that provides regular shuttles to the terminal, and plan your trip in advance, you should have no problem using either an on-site or off-site car park.

How Much Does Business Car Parking Cost at Heathrow Airport?

The price varies between length of stay and the kind of service level that you choose.

The official Heathrow business parking costs anywhere from £15 per day, though this can be discounted for longer stays. The price varies depending on the dates of travel and the times you wish to drop-off and collect your vehicle, so try and keep your travel plans as open as possible to minimise the costs.

For car parking provided by external companies, you will find options ranging from £23.99 per day. Long stays tend to be more affordable than short 24-hour trips, with prices for a week of parking starting at around £50.

Is Business Parking Safe at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. The official parking and the parking provided by the companies we suggest is safe and secure; we only deal with parking companies we believe can offer full safety and security to their customers.

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