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Heathrow Airport Long-Stay Parking

About Heathrow Long-Stay Airport Parking

Heathrow is the second-largest airport in the world, and serves over 70 million passengers per year. The airport is one of the central European hubs, allowing for international departures to over 90 countries. If you’re heading off on holiday, then the chances you will be departing from Heathrow are high. The airport, which is located 14 miles from central London, is the busiest in Europe, and acts as a major hub for international departures from the UK. If you are having to travel by car to reach Heathrow, then parking your car during your trip will be of the utmost concern. Heathrow airport long-stay parking is the best option in this scenario, and below, we’ve put together a complete guide to finding the lowest, most convenient options available.

Is long-stay car parking available at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. Heathrow serves both business and commercial passengers, making it well accustomed to dealing with long-stay car parking. Long-stay options are variable from the official airport service and secondary companies, the latter of which tend to be more affordable and flexible.

How does long-stay car parking work at Heathrow Airport?

Long-stay car parking at Heathrow is much the same as parking your car to go shopping in your local town. You arrive at the car park, enter through the secured gates, and collect a ticket. Some car parks use number plate recognition to speed this process up, though this depends on the provider.

When you have parked, you make your way to the terminal you are departing from. The majority of car parks will offer some kind of bus or shuttle transfer from the car park to the terminal itself.

When you return from your holiday, you repeat the process in reverse, using your ticket to exit the car park. The process is safe, secure, and reliable.

Which terminals offer long-stay parking options at Heathrow Airport?

The official Heathrow airport long-stay parking service is available for terminals two, three, four, and five– that is to say, all of them, as terminal one is no longer in use. The same applies to external companies, so whichever terminal you are travelling from, you can be confident of finding a long-stay carpark that suits your needs.

Where are the long-stay car parks located at Heathrow Airport?

You can choose from a range of on-site and off-site long stay car parks. Off-site car parks tend to be more affordable, though your journey to the terminal is likely to be longer. If you don’t mind the mild inconvenience of this, off-site is generally the best option financially.

How much does long-stay car parking cost at Heathrow Airport?

Long-stay car parking is surprisingly affordable at Heathrow, especially when compared to short-stay options. Expect to pay anything from £55 per week, which equals around £7.80 a day. This is comparable with what it would cost to pay to park in a standard city centre carpark for 24 hours, so long-stay car parking at Heathrow doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Is long-stay parking safe at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. Both the official site and the external companies prioritise the needs of their customers to ensure their vehicle is safe and secure for the duration of its stay in the car parks. We only publish results from companies we are confident can be trusted to provide excellent levels of care to your vehicle during your trip.

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