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Heathrow Meet And Greet Airport Parking

About Heathrow Airport Meet and Greet

Heathrow is the dominant airport from both business and commercial passengers in the UK. The airport was originally opened for commercial use in 1946, with the Central Terminal and Control Tower opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1955. Heathrow is one of the biggest airports in the world, serving millions of passengers on an annual basis. If you are flying from Heathrow soon, you may want to consider the convenience offered by Heathrow Meet and Greet airport parking services.

Is Meet and Greet Car Parking Available at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. As one of the largest airports in the world, Heathrow has more than kept pace with innovations that make life easier for their passengers. There are both official and third-party Meet and Greet services available at Heathrow Airport as a result.

Meet and Greet services are sometimes called valet parking; these services tend to be synonymous with one another, and can be used interchangeably.

How Does Heathrow Meet and Greet Airport Parking Work?

Valet services aim to take the hassle out of parking your car at the airport. Rather than having to locate and park the car yourself, and then make your own way to the terminal, valet services do the hard work for you.

With Heathrow Meet and Greet airport parking, you rendezvous with a company operative at a designated location close to the terminal. The operative will go through the paperwork with you, then drive your car to a secure car park nearby, leaving you free to head straight to the terminal itself. When you return from your trip, your car will be waiting for you right outside the terminal — the process couldn’t be simpler or more convenient.

Which Terminals Offer Valet Parking Options at Heathrow Airport?

A number of companies, as well as an official service, provide valet car parking at Heathrow, and the terminals they serve may differ. However, you will be able to find such a service for all four of the active Heathrow terminals (terminal one is currently not used and is awaiting demolition).

Where Are The Valet Car Parks Located At Heathrow Airport?

This depends on the company that you use. However, one of the major benefits of this kind of service is that you do not need to worry about how far the car park is from the terminal, as you will be dropping off and collecting your vehicle from a convenient location close to the terminal.

How Much Does Heathrow Meet and Greet Airport Parking Cost?

Valet car parking is, as you would expect, more expensive than standard car parking services. For a one day stay, it will cost around £55. A week will usually cost anything from £80 for the week.

These prices include both the valet service as well as the car parking costs for the duration of your holiday.

While it is undoubtedly more expensive, it’s also more convenient, and perfect if you don’t want to have to carry a lot of luggage from your vehicle to the terminal.

Is valet parking safe at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. All the companies that run the car parks are fully vetted and secured, and all staff members who collect cars are also fully vetted. We only show quotes from companies we know to be reputable, so you can buy with complete confidence.

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