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Dublin Meet & Greet Airport Parking

About Dublin Meet and Greet

While there is no official Dublin meet and greet airport parking service operated by the airport itself, there are plenty of third-party options. And let’s be honest - whether you are flying abroad on business or about to take a two-week holiday with your family, it’s one of the best, most convenient ways to park your car at an airport.

Not only can you avoid wasting time having to find your designated parking spot, but you’ll also be dropped off at the relevant airport terminal. Plus, should your car be in something of a disarray after a long journey to the airport, you can also take advantage of valet services, and rest assured that your vehicle will be in tip-top condition on your return.

What Valet Options Does Dublin Airport Have?

There are lots of private companies that offer valet parking and meet and greet services to and from Dublin Airport. The official airport website recommends you contact the NoH20 valet service, but other options are available, and prices can vary depending on the services you require. For example, using the eXpress Park service gives you the meet and greet service, with valet parking from €39 and a full valet from €50.00.

Standard and Premium Options

Our final example of Dublin meet & greet airport parking services is QuickPark. They offer standard and premium options, with parking costs from just €4.33 at their external parking lot that is only five minutes away from the airport with free shuttle transport. There is a range of valet options, too: an Express Wash, while you are away, is €20, and then there are graded cleans from Bronze to Platinum that is between €20-150.

Dublin Airport – Valet Only

If you don’t need the meet and greet but want your car cleaned, Crystal Valet Centres also operate a Dublin airport valet service and offer a broad range of packages which you can pick and choose from at your leisure. Dublin airport parking offers on-site Mini Valet, Deluxe Mini Valet, Full Valet and other specialist services, with prices starting from €45.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available when comparing Dublin meet and greet services with valet included. And while the airport doesn’t offer an in-house service, there are plenty of third-party organisations that can give you what you need.


Ultimately, although there isn’t a Dublin meet and greet, in general, a valet service gives you peace of mind, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your car and keys will be safe while you are away. And, you are guaranteed to return to a spotless, incredibly clean vehicle.

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