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Dublin Airport Business Parking

About Dublin Airport Parking

Dublin Airport is a commercial airport located just a few miles from the centre of Ireland’s capital city. With hundreds and thousands of business travellers flying in and out of Dublin every year, the services you find at this busy, international airport are convenient, professional, and timely - all essential ingredients for the typical business or corporate VIP traveller.

Why Use Dublin Airport Business Parking?

As a business or corporate VIP traveller, it’s important to ensure that your journey away is as comfortable as possible. Whether you intend to work on documents on the flight, or just need to stay fresh for that important meeting on arrival, you demand a professional, easy-to-use service that meets all of your requirements. Dublin Airport business parking services offer security, peace of mind, and quick, efficient pick-ups and drop-offs to ensure you reach your destination relaxed and raring to go.

Is Business Parking Safe & Secure at Dublin Airport?

There is a range of options for business parking customers, and it’s important to know that your vehicle will be safe and secure while travelling. The good news is that Dublin Airport offers 24-hour security in all its car parks, whether long-stay or short-stay.

Where Is Dublin Airport Business Parking Located?

Given that all the short-stay spaces and the three long-stay car parks are all within 5-10 minutes away from either of Dublin Airport’s two terminals, it’s actually easy for business travellers to use the standard parking facilities. However, for anyone looking for more corporate VIP treatment, there is a new, specialist business service at Dublin Airport called Platinum Express.

What Is Dublin Airport Platinum Express Service?

If you are looking for the ultimate in business parking services, you should check out Dublin Airport’s new Platinum Express service. The airport staff will pick you up from the front door, and take you straight past all the terminal queues and drop you off at your specific boarding gate in less than 15 minutes. You also get access to Dublin Airport’s dedicated private terminal entrance, superfast escorts through a private screening service, and a chauffeur straight to your flight – prices are available on request. Furthermore, you are allowed to keep your car in a private car park.

How Much Does It Cost

If you choose the Platinum Express Service, the cost is €165 per person, with the private on-site parking rate at Dublin Airport costing €30 a day + VAT. There are some conditions, however. You can only take hand luggage – so the Platinum Express service is only suitable for short trips away. And you can only travel to and from European and UK destinations – no transAtlantic flights are allowed on the basic Platinum service.


Whether you are a business traveller or just a holidaymaker looking for that little bit of extra safety, security and convenience, there is plenty of choices available when it comes to Dublin Airport business parking. Dublin Airport is renowned for its security, so even using the standard short- or long-term parking spots is fully acceptable for the vast majority of business travellers. However, for corporate VIPs demanding that little bit of extra convenience and luxury, the Platinum Express Service is definitely worth looking into.

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