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Dublin On-site Airport Parking

About Dublin On-site Airport Parking

There are plenty of choices when it comes to Dublin On-site airport parking, and whether you are a family going on your holidays, a young couple heading away for a city break, or a business traveller, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about costs and options. Here are a few facts and comparisons on the different costs involved with on-site parking at Dublin Airport.

Where Is Short Stay On-Site Parking Located at Dublin Airport?

First, let’s take a close look at the short-term options for parking at Dublin Airport. There are 4,000 spaces across two different car parks: Short Term Car Park A has 420 spaces within walking distance to both terminals. Rates can differ when you book online, and there are often deals to grab during the quieter times of the year.

How Much Does Short-term Dublin On-Site Airport Parking Cost?

It is advisable to book online as if you decide to use the short-stay car park at late notice, the cost is €40.00 per day. If you are picking up or dropping off, the cost is €3 for your first hour and €4.50 for every hour afterwards.

Where Is Short Stay Dublin On-site Airport Parking Located?

Dublin Airport has three long-term car parks, with enough space to fit in around 18,600 vehicles. You can choose between the Express Red, Express Green, and Holiday Blue car parks. Wherever you are parked, the price includes a free shuttle to and from either terminal. Airport officials advise arriving a minimum of 40 minutes before your check-in, purely to ensure you have plenty of time to unload and catch your bus. Let’s take a look at the costs of each long-term car park – Express Red, Express Green and Holiday Blue.

How Much Does Express Red Long-term Parking Cost?

The Express Red car park is the closest long-term option available. It has 7,000 spaces and offers a free shuttle bus that runs for 24 hours a day – it takes five minutes to get from car park to either terminal. It costs €9.50 per day to park here, and there are no options for half days.

How Much Does Express Green Long-term Parking Cost?

If you are looking for somewhere safe to park your vehicle for holidays or long trips, the Express Green option might be for you. Again, your shuttle bus transfer time is five minutes, and the cost is also €9.50 per day.

How Much Does Holiday Blue Long-term Car Park Cost?

The Holiday Blue car park is a little further afield to the other long-stay car parks, and as a result, is significantly cheaper. It costs €7.50 per day, while still offering you 24-hour shuttle buses. The only downside is that your shuttle bus transfer could take twice as long as the Express options – but still, only a maximum of ten minutes.


Finally, as we discussed, it is always best to book online if you want to get the best on-site car parking rates at Dublin Airport. Booking in advance is not only significantly cheaper than turning up on the day, but it also ensures you have space. While there is plenty of spaces available in Dublin Airport, at busy periods of the year, your preferred car park could be full, and you may need to seek other options.

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