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Manchester Park and Ride

About Manchester Park And Ride Airport Parking

When you have kids in tow, walking to the airport from the car park can be an absolute nightmare. Particularly, if you have to cross busy roads or even find your way there. Let’s face it; the directions aren’t always as clear as they should be. If you hate the idea of spending time getting lost walking to the airport or dragging the kids along with you a park and ride car park could be for you. With this option, it’s exactly as it sounds. Park the car, ride the bus to the airport and when you return, ride the bus back to the car park.

Some of the advantages of this option include the fact that you don’t have to worry about the drop off point. As well as this, you won’t get lost trying to find the right terminal. The shuttle driver will most likely have the information you need even if you don’t know where you are going.

Manchester Park And Ride options are available for both on and off-site parking facilities.

Is The Price Of The Bus Included?

You might find that some park and ride options charge you extra for the privilege of hopping on a bus. The cost we’re talking about here won’t break the bank, but it could still be enough to make a budget savvy traveller reconsider.

How Far Away is Manchester Park and Ride Airport Parking from the Terminals?

You also need to think about the time it takes to get to the airport. You might find it could take as much as ten minutes after you’ve parked the car to get to your terminal. With delays, this could be even longer.

How Often Do Busses Run?

You should also think about how often the buses are running from each of the car parks. You don’t want to spend a while waiting for a bus to take you to the airport. This could be a nightmare situation if you have arrived late.

Long Stay Car Park

The long stay car park is the only official parking facility offered at Manchester Airport that has a park and ride option. The car park is well lit, regularly patrolled and has full CCTV to make sure that your car is safe once you have parked up. Shuttles are also leaving the car park every five or ten minutes so you won’t have long to wait. It’s a cheap option compared to the other closer parking areas such as the multi-storey car park opposite the terminal. However, it does leave your car outdoors and completely exposed to the weather. The good news is the five-minute ride to and from the airport is included in the cost of your ticket.

Toad Park & Ride

Out of all Manchester Park And Ride facilities off-site Toad Park & Ride is the cheapest at just £28 per week! However, it’s also easily the furthest away and will take you ten minutes to get to the airport. As well as this shuttles only run every twenty minutes past the hour. This could mean you’re waiting quite a while for one to arrive depending what time you park up.

Hunters Park And Ride

This is slightly closer than Toad Park & Ride and can be found at SK83PW. One of the advantages of this car park is that shuttles run on demand and are completely free. As such using this Manchester Park and Ride option, you won’t have to wait around at all.

Park and ride can be a great possibility if you want to make your travel from car park to the terminal quick and easy. It’s well worth comparing prices to find the cheapest option. But if you’re looking for the one closest to the Airport the long stay on-site car park is the best possibility.

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