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Manchester On-Site Airport Parking

About Manchester Airport On-Site Parking

There are usually lots of different options for on-site parking at airports and Manchester airport is no exception. On-site parking can be more expensive than off-site facilities and they tend to fill up fast so do need to be booked in advance. Read our guide below to finding the best Manchester on-site airport parking!

Why Should I Use On-Site Parking?

With on-site parking, you can be the shortest distance from the terminal and make sure that your car is properly secured in a parking facility run by the airport itself.

What On-Site Parking Options Can I Choose From At Manchester Airport?

There are a number of Manchester on-site airport parking options to choose from including:

  • Long stay parking
  • Multi-storey parking
  • How Does On-Site Parking Work At Manchester Airport?

    When you book your on-site parking you will provide your license plate number. Arriving at the entrance of the parking facility that you choose will result in your license plate being scanned and the barrier rising so you can drive through.

    What Type Of Security Does Manchester Airport Provide?

    All of the parking facilities on site at Manchester airport provide extensive security. You can sleep easy in your hotel knowing that your car will be in a car park that is well lit and has full CCTV. As well as this, the car parks are patrolled regularly and since they are on-site they are close by to the airport itself.

    How Far Away Are The On-Site Parking Facilities?

    The closest on-site parking facility in Manchester airport is the multi-storey car park which is a short stroll away from the departure area of each terminal. In comparison the long stay car park is five minutes away on the bus.

    Do All On-Site Parking Facilities Offer Transfers?

    Transfers are not needed at the multi-storey car park since it is so close to the terminal and within walking distance. The long stay car park is slightly further away requiring a bus transfer to the appropriate terminal.

    Which Parking Facility Offers The Cheapest Prices?

    The long stay car park is the cheapest option while the multi-storey will cost between £5-£10 more for a weeks stay. The Park and Ride option is even more expensive and can be considered the Manchester Airport VIP option.

    What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Multi-Storey Parking?

    Aside from being only one minute from the terminal, the multi-storey car park provides your vehicle with full shelter from the elements. This could be useful if you are going on holiday in winter when the weather is unpredictable. You don’t want to come back to a frozen windscreen!

    Are On-Site Parking Facilities Available At Every Terminal?

    There are on-site parking facilities in Manchester Airport available for every terminal.

    How Do I Get To The Manchester On-Site Airport Parking Facilities?

    Finding the Manchester on-site airport parking is fairly simple. If you are travelling on the M56, you need to come off at junction 5 and then follow the signs to the airport. Once you reach this point, you need to follow the signs for the terminal that you are travelling from.

    To book your On-Site Parking in Manchester Airport, use the search bar at the top of the page.