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Manchester Airport Long-Stay Parking

About Manchetser Long-Stay Airport Parking

When you’re heading off on holiday, you don’t want to add the chance of any delays that could cause you to miss your flight. You will also want to make sure that it is easy to get to and from your terminal. The answer you’re looking for is Manchester airport long-stay parking.

Why Should I Use Long-Stay Parking?

Long stay parking provides you with the option to leave your car at the airport in a secure parking area for as long as you are away on holiday. When you return, you can simply pick up your car from the same location and return home.

Manchester airport Long-stay parking offers a great advantage for people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport. As well as this, the prices can make it fantastic value for money.

What Are The Options For Long-Stay Parking At Manchester Airport?

Whether you are parking on site or off site, there are great options for long stay parking at most airports. Manchester airport long-stay parking is available at all three terminals with several different choices available. These are:

  • The Long Stay Car Park
  • The Multi-Storey Car Park
  • The Valet Service

As well as this, there are other Manchester airport long-stay parking options available off-site.

What Is The Closest Car Park To The Terminal?

The multi-storey car park is the closest to the terminal. It’s a quick one minute walk away and no transfer is needed. The long stay car park takes at least five minutes to get there with a transfer and the valet drop off area is three minutes away.

What Is The Cheapest Option?

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, you can choose between the long-stay airport car park on-site or the APH car park off-site. The valet service and the multi-storey car park are slightly more expensive.

Can I Park My Car Indoors?

If you’re worried about leaving your car outside and exposed to bad weather for a long period, you might want to choose the multi-storey car park. This provides you with an extra layer of protection because the car is indoors.

What Type Of Security Do The Long-Stay Parking Facilities Provide?

All the long stay car parks on-site provide the same level of security. They are well lit with full CCTV coverage. As well as this, the car parks are accessed by automated licence plate readers. You can also feel secure knowing that each car park is patrolled regularly.

Which Long-Stay Car Park Provides The Best Transfer?

The airport’s official long-stay car park has the best transfer, running every ten minutes. The APH car park transfer shuttle only arrives every fifteen minutes and the journey will take between ten and twenty minutes.

Are There Any Additional Benefits That I Should Consider?

If you choose to use the APH car park, they will park your car for you so that you can hop directly on the shuttle, if it’s there when you arrive.

Where Are The Manchester Airport Long-Stay Parking Facilities?

You can find the long-stay parking on-site by following signage to the airport and keeping left at the roundabout. The APH parking facility can be found at M224TE on Bradnor Road In Manchester.

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