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Manchester Off-Site Airport Parking

About Manchester Airport Off-Site Parking

When looking for airport parking whether you’re going on a business trip or a family vacation, you will have two different choices. You can either use the on-site parking facilities, or you can choose to park off-site, a short distance away from the airport.

What Is The Main Benefit Of Using Off-Site Airport Parking?

The main benefit of off-site airport parking is a financial one. Usually, though not always, it will be cheaper compared to the alternative. You will be able to park away from the airport and then catch a shuttle or bus service to the terminal itself.

Is Off-Site Parking Available At Manchester Airport?

Manchester off-site airport parking is available from a number of different private companies. These companies include:
APH Manchester
Toad Park and Ride

Which Company Offers The Cheapest Deal?

Out of the three companies, Toad Park and Ride provides the cheapest option with rates of just £28 per week. You can get an exact quote by using our search form at the top of the page. The other parking facilities can be as much as £10 more expensive for seven days.

What Company Provides The Best Security?

All car parks provide the same basic level of security with CCTV systems in place and well lit areas that are regularly patrolled. If you choose to park at APH, you can pay extra to ensure that your vehicle is kept indoors.

Which Company Provides The Shortest Transfer To The Airport?

With a transfer time of just five minutes, APH offers the shortest travel time to the airport. Compared to Toad Park and Ride, this is half the duration.

Are Any Additional Benefits Available?

Both JetParks and APH offer additional benefits such as saver deals. This can mean that you can get a cheaper price if you choose to wave your right to cancel your parking. Some companies like APH will also keep your keys and park for you so that you can head directly to the terminal.

Do I Have To Pay Extra For Transfers?

None of the parking companies provided ask you to pay extra for transfers. The shuttle prices are included in your total parking ticket.

How Often Do Transfers Arrive At The Parking Facilities?

The wait time for transfers can differ greatly depending on what parking service you use. APH is one of the shortest with a shuttle service every 10-15 minutes. Toad Park and Ride on the other hand, has shuttles arriving 20 minutes after every hour. As such, you will need to time your arrival accordingly.

Where Are The Parking Facilities Located?

Some of the parking facilities are easier to find than others. APH is close to the airport on the Sharston industrial estate. JetParks can be located by using Junction 5 on the M56 and following the signs to the airport and then terminal 1. Travelling past JetParks on the same road will take you to Toad Park and Ride.

How Does Manchester Airport Off-Site Parking Work?

Manchester off-site airport parking works in the same way as on-site parking. When you pull up your license plate will be scanned and the automatic barrier will open, allowing you to proceed through. Some parking facilities expect you to park your own car while others have a reception where you car will be picked up and parked for you.

To book your Manchester Off-Site Airport Parking, use the search bar at the top of the page.