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Gatwick Airport Business Parking

About Gatwick Airport Parking

Gatwick is one of the UK’s busiest airports. It is located nearly 30 miles from London itself, but still offers a wealth of benefits to business travellers thanks to easy connections to London city itself. While Gatwick Airport is not known as the biggest business hub in the UK, it is nevertheless a popular airport that serves a variety of passengers. Below, we’ll explain how business parking at Gatwick works, so you can ensure your next flight is as hassle-free as possible.

Is business parking available at Gatwick Airport?

Yes, there are a number of different companies who offer Gatwick airport business parking. Gatwick is one of the biggest airports in the UK, which means these companies are well experienced in catering to a busy business customer base who need an effective and reliable service.

How does business parking work at Gatwick Airport?

This very much depends on the company you choose. The majority of companies offer a range of different services, which are separated depending on how much you want to spend. Some Gatwick Airport Business Parking is very similar to booking for personal use; you reserve a space ahead of time, prepay, and then leave your vehicle in the capable hands of the car park operator. Other services go more in depth, such as offering Meet and Greet services that allow for expedited routes through security.

Which terminals are served by business parking at Gatwick Airport?

The airport has two terminals, both of which are serviced by business parking options, so you can be confident of finding a Gatwick Airport business parking site that suits your travel needs.

Where are the business car parks located at Gatwick Airport?

Again, this very much depends on the company. Some companies offer on-site parking, which is more convenient, but also tends to be more expensive. Other companies offer off-site parking, where you can drop your car off at the parking lot and then take a shuttle or bus transfer to the terminal itself. These are less convenient, but tend to be more cost-efficient.

How much does business car parking cost at Gatwick Airport?

This varies from company to company, and the level of service that you wish to buy.

For short stay, you can expect to pay around £17 per day. If you wish to take advantage of meet and greet-style services, then the price rises to around £35-45.

For longer stays (seven days or more), prices range from £30 through to £60 for eight days.

It is worth remembering these prices fluctuate hugely based on time of travel, duration of stay, and the company you choose. You can search through the available deals on Gatwick Airport business parking right here on the site.

If you wish to use Premium Security features, this will cost around £7 and is available as an additional extra– check with the car parking company you have chosen to ascertain if this is available.

Is business parking safe at Gatwick Airport?

While this depends somewhat on the individual companies, the answer, for the most part is a very definite yes. Gatwick is a well-serviced airport with plenty of experienced companies catering to car parking needs, and we ensure we only list companies we have the utmost confidence in when displaying our search results.

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