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Gatwick Off-site Airport Parking

About Gatwick Airport Off-site Parking

Gatwick airport serves over 40 million passengers per year. Consequently, it’s on-site parking facilities can be confusing and daunting for many people. From finding the right terminal to ensuring that the vehicle is parked in a memorable place, there are many potential sources of stress. For many people, Gatwick off-site airport parking is the far better option.

One option is to stay at one of the Gatwick airport hotels and use their extra services. However, if you’re simply wishing to find an off-site car park in Gatwick without accommodation, here’s all you need to know.

Is Off-Site parking available at London Gatwick Airport?

Yes. Unsurprisingly, the UK’s second largest airport is served by several off-site parking operators. This is in addition to a variety of on-site options at the airport.

Off-site options include both ‘park and ride’ and ‘meet and greet’ options. The latter is a valet service while the former is where you take a shuttle bus from the car park to the terminal. Given the sheer size of Gatwick airport, this isn’t much different to the on-site facilities.

Where is Off-Site parking located at Gatwick Airport?

There are several off-site car parks located within proximity to London Gatwick. However, we’ve picked out three that are close by and trustworthy. Purple Parking is a service that is just a 15-minute ride away; Cophall Parking is even closer at 10 minutes; APH is 20 minutes away by road.

Each of those off-site parking providers includes free shuttle bus transfers.

Can I use Off-Site parking regardless of which terminal I’m flying from?

Yes. The main off-site facilities cater to passengers from both the North and South terminals at Gatwick.

What are the benefits of using Gatwick Off-site Airport Parking?

Given the hectic nature of London Gatwick, finding the right car park and a suitable space can be very stressful. Using off-site parking facilities overcomes this obstacle, allowing you to start your trip in the most relaxed style. Besides, you’ll have to get a shuttle bus from the on-site car parks anyway.

Likewise, avoiding the mad rush upon your return can be seen as a huge selling point. Furthermore, getting away from the area is a lot easier when leaving one of the smaller off-site car parks. Best of all, the fact that there are so many options on the market means puts you in full control.

While booking methods vary slightly between the different operators, they are just as easy to use as Gatwick’s on-site ones.

How much does it cost to use Gatwick Off-site Airport Parking?

Prices fluctuate depending on which service you opt for. However, most of the main off-site operators can provide park and ride or meet and greet services at a slightly cheaper rate. To get the best rates, however, it is advised that you pre-book via the internet. Aside from securing a discount, it’s one less thing to worry about on the day.

Is it safe to use Off-Site parking at London Gatwick Airport?

Yes. Each of the options we’ve suggested offer Park Mark award, advanced security and 24/7 monitoring via CCTV. Meanwhile, many drivers feel more at ease knowing that their vehicles are stored at a smaller facility. Essentially, you can have the same level of trust when using off-site parking as you would with on-site options.

To book your Gatwick Off-Site Airport Parking, use the search bar at the top of the page.