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Gatwick On-site Airport Parking

About Gatwick Airport On-Site Parking

Gatwick on-site airport parking offers a choice of parking services, from basic short stay to valet parking. Being able to park as close to the airport as possible helps you to save time is particularly useful if you’re a Blue Badge holder. With parking at both the North and South terminals at Gatwick, you can get close to the airport for extra convenience when you arrive and leave. It’s not always easy to find the parking you need at such a busy airport, but Gatwick’s flexible on-site options help to make it easier.

What sort of on-site parking is available at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick offers a variety of choices for on-site parking. Like many other airports, they have both short stay and long stay parking options. Gatwick also offers choices like Premium and Valet parking.

Gatwick’s Short Stay car parks are next to the terminal, making it a five-minute walk to reach the check-in desks. The Long Stay car park requires a shuttle bus to get to the terminals, which means it’s not technically on-site. However, Premium and Valet parking are closer to the airport than any other options.

What are Premium and Valet Parking?

Premium Parking is as close to the terminal as you can get if you want to park your own car. Valet Parking is an excellent choice if you want someone to park your car, look after your keys while you’re away, and have your car ready when you return from your trip. You can even add on Car Care if you want your car to be cleaned.

Where is the Gatwick On-Site Airport Parking?

On-site parking at Gatwick is available at both the North Terminal and the South Terminal. So no matter where you’re flying from, you can access the on-site parking options.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of choosing on-site parking?

On-site parking at Gatwick Airport offers some great advantages. It gets you closer to the airport than other options, especially if you’re willing to pay more for either the Premium or Valet parking sites. They offer secure places to store your car and the Valet Parking service even ensures your car is ready to go for you when you return. However, if you’re looking for affordable parking, you might find cheaper options elsewhere.

How much is Gatwick On-Site Airport parking?

If you want to park on-site at an airport, you usually need to be willing to pay a little more. If you’re interested in Gatwick Airport’s premium options, it’s going to be even more for the privilege of getting closer to the airport or having your car valeted. Prices can vary, though, so comparing parking costs before you travel can help you decide where is best to park. Short Stay at Gatwick costs around £10 a day and Premium Short Stay about £18 per day. Surprisingly, Valet parking could be cheaper than even normal Short Stay parking.

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