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Gatwick Airport Long-Stay Parking

About Gatwick Long-Stay Parking

As the second largest airport in the UK, getting to LGW can be a daunting prospect. Public transport is an option. But travel by road is often the cheapest and most convenient option, especially when you are setting out for a long haul journey. Gatwick airport long-stay parking services satisfy millions of customers each year. They can be the best option for holidaymakers and business travellers alike.

Before Using Long-Stay Parking At Gatwick

When arriving to London Gatwick, it’s imperative that you find your way to the appropriate long-stay car park. Before following signs to the desired parking lot, you must first ensure that you are heading to the appropriate terminal. Choosing the wrong one will cause a huge delay as you’ll need to transfer from the wrong one to the right one.

The main reason that Gatwick’s car parking facilities are so daunting is due to the sheer size. In truth, the processes involved are very simple. However, unless you want to play a two-hour game of “find the car” upon your return, making a note of your spot is essential.

The Benefits

Aside from the price, using the long-stay car parking facilities is ideal for anyone spending more than a few days away for various reasons.


Whether you’re on holiday or business, worrying about the car is the last thing you need. The car park facilities at both terminals are fenced, use barriers, and have great lighting and CCTV. Meanwhile, the ability to keep the car keys on your possession is a crucial factor for many.

Free shuttles:

Once you’ve parked your car, simply head to the nearest stop and wait for the free shuttle bus to arrive. They run every 12 minutes and will take you straight to the departures terminal. When using alternative services, the extra cost of getting from the airport to your onward journey is nothing short of a nightmare.

Less hassle:

Getting the Gatwick flyer or train services can be a nightmare upon your return. As long as you remember where the car is parked, taking the free shuttle back before beginning the journey home is the best solution by far.

How Much Does Gatwick Airport Long-Stay Parking Cost?

Car parking prices in the Gatwick long-stay facilities can vary. This depends on the duration of stay, availability, and time of booking. Nonetheless, for anyone staying more than a few days, this will be the most cost-effective solution.

When you book upon arrival, it’s £25 for the first day followed by £20 for each subsequent 24-hour spell. When booking online, though, you can often get a week’s stay for even less than that £25 on-site fee. Even if you’re travelling solo, this will save money compared to alternative methods.

The process of booking online is very simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Taking this option makes the process upon arrival far easier too. The barrier tech will read your number plate before printing the ticket and allowing access to the car park.

To book your Gatwick Airport Long-Stay Parking, use the search bar at the top of the page.