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Stansted Park and Ride Airport Parking

About Stansted Park & Ride

London Stansted Airport is one of the top international airports located in Stansted in Essex. It uses the code STN and is one of the busiest airports in the whole of the UK, serving roughly 24.3 million passengers in 2016 alone. Stansted Park and Ride offers passengers a convenient service to pick up and drop off friends and family.

Who Is Stansted Park and Ride For?

Park and ride is great for people that don’t want to pay extra charges for parking near an airport. There are usually high premiums associated with parking close to Stansted Airport due to its popular location and services. If you still want to be within minutes of the airport and pay less, then you can make use of a park and ride service that will have the transfer fee included in their price.

How Does Park & Ride at Stansted Airport Work?

These services aren’t offered by Stansted Airport themselves, but third-parties that offer off-site parking. These usually aren’t very big locations unless there’s a nearby car park that can be used by locals in addition to people going to Stansted Airport as well. Several car parks are within walking distance which offers this service, but you’ll usually get a shuttle bus as part of your package. Since park & rides aren’t as busy as the parking services in Stansted Airport itself, the shuttles aren’t as frequent but there are clearly scheduled times instead. Once you arrive at the park & ride, you’ll use it like any other parking service but you’ll hand your car keys to reception and get a quick transfer to the airport. When you come back, the same shuttle bus will take you to the car park, you’ll pick up your keys then you can head home.

Is Stansted Park and Ride Secure?

All the parking services are managed by individual businesses and companies, but they do need to be certified if they want to be an official service endorsed by Stansted Airport. As a result, they usually have high standards when it comes to security. You’ll typically get 24-hour patrols looking over your vehicle and CCTV cameras overlooking your vehicles.

How Much Does Stansted Park and Ride Cost?

Prices depend on the individual business or company offering it, but you can expect to pay no more than £8 per day if you book long durations and £15 per day for short stays.

How Do I Pay For Stansted Park and Ride?

Since it is offered by third parties, you’ll typically be paying the individual company. This means you’ll be subject to whatever payment methods they have, but you should be able to book in advance using the internet as well as turning up and paying on the spot.

What Are the Advantages of Park and Ride at Stansted Airport?

This service offers convenience at a much lower price than what Stansted Airport would charge. They’re also not as commonly used which means you’re virtually guaranteed to get a parking spot. They’re cheap, effective and come with all of the security amenities that Stansted Airport’s own parking would offer.

Where is Stansted Airport Park and Ride?

The car parks are within a mile or two of Stansted Airport. This makes them short transfers via a bus shuttle. You’ll need to check online for more information and locations for Stansted airport park and ride services.


Stansted park and ride is a great value and comes with plenty of security features without breaking your budget, making them fantastic options for all travellers.

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