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Stansted Off-site Airport Parking

About Stansted Airport

In 2016, Stansted Airport served over 24.3 million passengers, making it the fourth busiest airport in the whole of the United Kingdom. It’s one of the most popular destinations for budget flights.

Who Is Stansted Off-Site Airport Parking For?

If you don’t want to pay a premium for on-site parking at Stansted Airport themselves, then there are cheaper options through off-site parking. You’ll get the same features such as top-notch security and shuttle buses, but you don’t need to pay a premium.

How Does Off-Site Parking Work at Stansted Airport?

Off-site parking is usually handled by other businesses and individuals that aren’t directly affiliated with Stansted Airport. However, for a location to be classed as an official off-site parking lot, they need approval from Stansted Airport. You’ll be looking on the internet to find the location of these off-site car parks. You can typically book online, but some services can only be paid for at the destination itself.

Is Stansted Off-Site Airport Parking Secure?

While there are many official locations for off-site parking close to Stansted Airport, it’s important to keep the legality of it in mind. Some destinations offer off-site parking and shuttle services, but they’re not officially licensed and there’s a chance your vehicle won’t be taken care of. If you want to reduce these risks, make sure you check for legitimate off-site parking sites that are run by professionals that can guarantee the safety of your vehicle. In some cases, official off-site parking locations can offer better security than even Stansted Airport themselves, but these might come at a premium.

How Much Does Off-Site Parking at Stansted Airport Cost?

Off-site parking will cost around £15 per day for short stays and under £5 per day for long durations. These prices are competitive with Stansted Airport themselves, but you can find even cheaper locations if you’re willing to look further than a mile.

How Do I Pay For Stansted Off-Site Airport Parking?

Since off-site parking is managed by the individual businesses or services, you’ll need to look at their terms and conditions. In most cases, you’ll be able to book online and pay with a credit or debit card. Be wary of services that ask for cash in hand only.

What Are the Advantages of Off-Site Parking at Stansted Airport?

Travelling abroad can be expensive. This is why we need to keep our budgets in mind and it’s why we plan ahead for every single cost. Sadly, most people omit the cost of parking but in some cases, the costs of keeping your car safe can be even more than the cost of your flight! It’s best to keep these prices in mind and off-site parking can offer you fantastic last-minute parking deals whether you’re going for a few days or an entire month.

Where is Stansted Off-Site Airport Parking?

There are many different locations for off-site parking at Stansted Airport, so you’ll need to look online for the most suitable locations for you.


Off-site parking near Stansted Airport is cheap, convenient and contains the same safety features you would expect from the airport themselves.

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