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Stansted On-site Airport Parking

About Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the United Kingdom, serving well over 20 million passengers every year.

Who Is Stansted On-Site Airport Parking For?

As one of the busiest airports in the UK, Stansted Airport offers some of the best on-site parking services that can be used by anyone that wants to bring their own vehicle to the airport and have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is being looked after while they are on holiday. It’s managed by the airport, meaning you’ll get guaranteed access to their CCTV cameras and vehicle monitoring.

How Does On-Site Parking at Stansted Airport Work?

There are several different types of on-site parking depending on your needs and budget. You can simply look up these services on the airport’s website and request a quote for the duration you require. You can also turn up at the car park and pay for services when you arrive.

Is Stansted On-Site Airport Parking Secure?

Stansted Airport has a Park Mark award for safety standards, meaning it’s one of the safest car parks that you can entrust your vehicle to. There is 24/7 staff monitoring the vehicles, cameras to overlook the entire parking lot and also automatic number plate recognition systems to keep your vehicle safe. There’s virtually no chance for someone to break in and steal your vehicle or damage it. On-site parking is generally more secure than off-site parking because your vehicle is kept safe in a controlled environment operated by the airport itself.

How Much Does On-Site Parking at Stansted Airport Cost?

On-site parking prices at Stansted depend greatly on the service you’re after. In most cases, you can expect to pay around £5 per day if you stay for around two weeks, but up to £15 or more per day if you stay for just a couple of days. The more expensive services like valet parking can set you back around £7-15 per day.

How Do I Pay For Stansted On-Site Airport Parking?

You can typically pay online along with your booking or on the spot when you arrive at the terminal car park.

What Are the Advantages of On-Site Parking at Stansted Airport?

On-site parking at Stansted Airport guarantees that you’ll get a quality service managed by the airport themselves instead of a third party. This means you’ll get the best security you can to ensure that your car is safe when you’re on holiday. Another advantage is that on-site parking gives you access to a range of services such as fast-track security clearance and the ability to use the Stansted Airport lounge to relax and grab a bite to eat before your flight.

Where is Stansted On-Site Airport Parking Located?

You’ll find on-site car parks at the airport itself. The Long Stay and Jet Park services are furthest away, with the Mid Stay car park slightly closer. The Short Stay car parks are much closer to the terminals.


This parking option is fantastic for all needs and budgets. The many additional features make it a complete package and the price is affordable for what you get.

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