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Doncaster Sheffield Airport Long-Stay Parking

About Doncaster Airport Long Stay Parking

Since becoming a passenger airport in 2005, Doncaster Sheffield Airport has become a popular option for many people in the North East. DSA now serves more than 1.25 million passengers per year. Before jetting off to Naples, Warsaw or Ibiza, though, you need to think about your arrival to Doncaster Sheffield Airport Long-Stay Parking. With the nearest airport over 10km away, a lot of passengers choose to drive, not least thanks to the easy access via the M18. This is why the car parking situation is a huge priority for the vast majority of people travelling in and out of DSA. This is especially true if you intend to leave the car on site for a few nights while you’re away. Here’s all you need to know about Doncaster airport long-stay parking.

Long-Stay Parking At Doncaster Sheffield Airport

DSA is served by four on-site car parks, including one that is designated the ‘long-stay’ car park. This car park is the biggest of the four car parks, and the front of it is just a five minute’s walk from the terminal building. Disabled parking is found at the closest point to the terminal while staff can provide support. If you want to be even closer, the Premium Parking service is just one minute from the terminal.

The long-stay car park is easily accessed regardless of which direction you enter from. The entire car park is monitored on a 24/7 basis and uses electronic barriers. DSA also boasts Park Mark’s safer parking status.

There are no height restrictions for DSA’s long-stay car park. However, they do not allow long vehicles like coaches without prior approval. When you return to Doncaster Sheffield Airport car park, you can get back on the road from this car lot in a matter of minutes.

The Cost Of Doncaster Airport Long-Stay Parking

The long-stay parking options are ideal for anyone looking to leave their car for at least one night, but caters to far longer durations too. The standard pricing begins at £30 for a stay of up to 24 hours. Each additional day knocks the price up by £5, meaning a one-week stay will cost £60 while a fortnight is £95.

As long as it’s pre-booked, you can extend that stay for the full month or even longer, making it exceptional value for any traveller. This is far better value than the short-stay car park, which also charges £30 for the first day before increasing the price up £10 each day.

The Best Way To Book Doncaster Airport Long-Stay Parking

It is possible to pay on the day but, as with all of DSA’s parking, the spaces are limited. Booking in advance is advised for a sense of reassurance that you won’t be forced into accepting the increased price of the short-stay option. Besides, booking online may secure a discount (of up to 60%) from the advertised prices.

If you arrive early or return late, it is possible to cover the extended duration at the advertised pricing. Of course, this is only available if the spots aren’t already pre-booked by other travellers.

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