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London City Off-site Airport Parking

About London City Airport

London City Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, with well over 4 million customers using its services every single year. However, as a single runway airport, this fact does mean that things can get busy, particularly during certain periods of the year. There are plenty of parking spaces on an average day, but it’s important to remember that they can fill up quickly during seasonal periods, so it might be necessary to park your car off-site at third party car parks. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of your options.

Who Uses London City Off-site Parking?

A lot of people turn to third-party car parks that are off-site from London City Airport, for a variety of reasons. Using the official car parks can be expensive if you don’t book in advance, and turning up on the day can be risky during certain times of the year. So, if you are looking for parking solutions before taking a flight from London City Airport, it’s important to understand the big picture and keep your options open.

How Does Off-site Parking Work?

A lot of car parks local to London City Airport offer spaces to flying customers, and there’s every chance of getting a better deal than you might expect. As we discussed already, it can be very expensive to turn up on the day and park your vehicle at the actual airport. And other businesses and services can often offer better rates.

As long as you are careful to seek out a service with full security, the only difference between using London City off-site airport parking rather than on-site is that you will need to take a shuttle bus or cab for the final leg of the journey. But let’s be honest – in most cases, it is not an issue. A lot of the local car parks are only a 5-10 minute shuttle transfer away, which is the same time it takes you to walk from the official airport car park to the entrance.

How Much Does Off-site Car Parking Cost?

The cost of parking off-site depends on where you choose – and what services you need. For example, a simple parking space can cost as little as £9 a day or £40 a week – which is significantly cheaper than the prices you would pay if you turned up at the official airport car park on the day you travel.

However, there are plenty of other services available. For example, the Butterfly Meet and Greet service which allows you to drop off your car and arrive at the airport in style costs from £75. And if you want the platinum porter service from the same company – ideal for corporate VIPs that want parking at London City airport, for example – then you will need to shell out up to £200.


Depending on where you park your car – and the service you choose – the shuttle service can take as little as five minutes, and drop you off at the front of the airport, ready to fly. If you go a little further afield, the journey time obviously increases – but most off-site car parking services will get you from car park to airport within 10 minutes. Don’t assume that parking in the official airport car park is any quicker – or cheaper – as it isn’t always the case!

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